Michigan No Fault Insurance – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Hopefully you just watched this informative video and learned a thing or two.  We get questions regarding no-fault law all the time and even Michigan residents are still unsure how it works.  This surprises us and we wanted to create a post to clear the air.  Michigan is unlike most other states in many regards.  It doesn’t mater who is at fault for the accident, because you will actually end up “suing” your own auto insurance company.  They will provide what is called first party benefits which include medical expenses, attendent care, medical mileage, lost income, etc.  In order to recover the damage to your own vehicle, you need to purchase additional collision coverage.  If you do not have collission coverage, you will only be able to recoup up to $1000 of the damages by filing a Michigan Mini-Tort Claim.  If you would like to pursue additional damages such as pain and suffering, you will be required to file what is called a 3rd party lawsuit.  Here you will be suing the insurance of the driver at fault and you will also have to prove significant injuries.  The law makes filing a 3rd party lawsuit extremely difficult and you will need an experienced attorney to help you for this.  While this law is complex and confusing, it does instill basic coverage regardless of who is at fault for the accident and makes serious injuries less devastating to all those involved.

Firework Truck Explodes on I-94 Michigan Interstate: Massive 150 Vehicle Pile-up Car Crash

This is a follow up post to one I created a few days ago.  Most of you are probably now aware of this massive pileup, but I had to share this incredible video.  Apparently, there was a truck filled with fireworks that was involved in this multiple vehicle accident.  What are the chance of a truck filled with fireworks being at the scene in the dead of winter?  I can’t even imagine being near where this occurred.  It must have been extremely loud and even more frightening to everyone involved.  Given the severity of this pile-up, it’s really a miracle that only 1 person was killed.  The highway was closed for well over 2 days and caused major traffic disruptions between the metropolitan cities of Detroit and Chicago.  After watching multiple videos of this incident, it’s clear that motorists were driving too quickly for the terrible conditions.  You can see that most vehicles that slammed on their brakes actually speed up and lost complete control of the automobile.  Scary stuff!

I-94 INSANE Accident (150+ Car Pileup)

This eery video was taken on January 9th, 2015 on Interstate-94 near Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.  This stretch of highway is usually very dangerous on it’s own right, but on this day it was devastating to hundreds of drivers that were involved in the crash.  If you are unfamilar with roads in Michigan, I-94 runs from Detroit to Chicago.  There is usually alot of traffic on this highway and more than usual amount of slow driving semi-trucks.  These semi-trucks pass each other very slowly and cause lots of backups and slow conditions which frustrates other motorists that are in a hurry.  It’s really a recipe for disaster given this stretch is also located directly in the path of the snow belt of Lake Michigan.

Just watching the clip makes me cringe and thank god that winter is finally over.  As you can see, there were very dangerous conditions including a white out which reduced visibility to almost nothing.  There was a layer of ice directly under a light dusting of snow which made it nearly impossible to stop in a reasonable amount of time.  Given all these facts, there is no doubt that these drivers were driving too fast for conditions.  Here in Michigan, we like to think that we are experienced driving in dangerous conditions.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  I constantly see multiple vehicles that drive exceedingly fast and in fact more fast than most the other drivers on the road.  Some drivers were able to completely stop before hitting any other vehicles.  However, there would shortly be another car smashing them from behind.  There was even a fireworks truck that exploded at the scene.

There was alot of controversy about this particular video because it was obviously not taken from a car.  Somebody (I don’t know who) got out of their vehicle to take the coverage and that itself enraged many people viewing this clip.  Is is safer to stay in your car or risk getting hit by another car while trying to make it safety.  Let’s just hope that this never happens again!

What To Do After A Car Accident

A car accident can occur when you least expect it and most people do not know what to do after they have been involved in a car accident. The accident can leave you shocked and confused and most people end up taking wrong actions because at that point they are not in their right frame of mind. This article will highlight what to do after a car accident:

Call The Police

You should only call your insurance agent after you have called the police emergency number to inform them about the accident. It is always a good idea for the insurance agent to come to the scene of the accident because they can advise you appropriately on what you are supposed to do. Each insurance policy has some instructions on what the car owner should do after a car accident and it is always a good idea to follow the given instructions for you to be compensated.

There is a given time frame that one is supposed to report to the police in case of a hit-and-run accident and failure to that can make it difficult for you to make any claim. You should wait for emergency services to arrive in a safe place away from traffic. It is always difficult to keep a level head after an accident but you should always avoid admitting guilt even if you are a very emotional type.

Get The Right Information

You should always be willing to share information about the car accident with the insurance agent without admission of fault. You should make an effort to attain all the information about the claim and be always prepared to share. The insurance information should be shared by the police when you contact them to report the accident. It is also advisable to call your local Michigan accident lawyer if you have been injured.

Record The Scene

It is always a good idea to record the scene of car accident using a disposable camera. Drawing the scene of the accident on a piece of paper may not be effective when it comes to getting an accurate record and that is why many insurers insist that their clients should always have a disposable camera in the glove box. You should record the road position of the vehicle and take pictures of the damage. It is also a good idea to exchange important details like the driver’s license details, license plate, phone numbers, addresses and official names with the other driver. You should always file your claim within the specified time limits for the car insurance company to compensate you.