Firework Truck Explodes on I-94 Michigan Interstate: Massive 150 Vehicle Pile-up Car Crash

This is a follow up post to one I created a few days ago.  Most of you are probably now aware of this massive pileup, but I had to share this incredible video.  Apparently, there was a truck filled with fireworks that was involved in this multiple vehicle accident.  What are the chance of a truck filled with fireworks being at the scene in the dead of winter?  I can’t even imagine being near where this occurred.  It must have been extremely loud and even more frightening to everyone involved.  Given the severity of this pile-up, it’s really a miracle that only 1 person was killed.  The highway was closed for well over 2 days and caused major traffic disruptions between the metropolitan cities of Detroit and Chicago.  After watching multiple videos of this incident, it’s clear that motorists were driving too quickly for the terrible conditions.  You can see that most vehicles that slammed on their brakes actually speed up and lost complete control of the automobile.  Scary stuff!

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